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Benjamin Thomas Solomon, Principal Investigator & Speaker


[1]    Unifying Gravity with the Atomic Scale Vol. (II),

Scholar’s Press 2019,

[2]    Unifying Gravity with the Atomic Scale,

Scholar’s Press, 2017

[3]    An Introduction to Gravity Modification:  A guide to using Laithwaite's and Podkletnov's experiments and the physics of forces for empirical results.

Universal Publishers, Boca Raton, 2nd Ed., 2012.

[4]    Papers Published


Brief Bio (1999-2019):

[1]    Discovered the massless formula for gravitational, mechanical and electromagnetic acceleration, g=τc2. An achievement that none of our contemporary RSQ (Relativity, String & Quantum ) theories have achieved.

[2]    Developed from the physics, the engineering design principles for gravity modifying engines.

[3]    Discovered the alternative to the Schrödinger Wave Function, the Probabilistic Wave Function, leading to better lasers, lithography and the basis for interstellar travel.

[4]    Proved that the gravitational constant is a coefficient, not a constant and it is highly probable this does away with dark matter.

[5]    Proposed how probabilities are implemented in Nature. Quantum Theory does not even ask this question!

[6]    Proved that probabilities are different from randomness.

[7]    Addressed the galaxy rotation anomaly and proved that black holes have 2 event horizons – internat & external.



[1]   Huffington Post

[2]   Lifeboat Foundation


Contact: ben . t . solomon at out look . com


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