Andrew Beckwith


Director, Chief Science Officer 2013 – Current


Mission: Revisit singularity theory as seen in the AM journal entry and JAM journal entry with an idea of using wormhole physics to explore faster than light travel methodologies.

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Benjamin T Solomon


Founder & Chairman, 2013 – Current

Principal Investigator, iSETI LLC

Author of An Introduction to Gravity Modification, 2nd Edition

Mission: To make commercial interstellar propulsion a reality in our lifetimes.

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About Xodus One Foundation

Xodus One Foundation is the foremost pioneer in interstellar propulsion physics. The goal the Foundation is to facilitate humanity’s achievement of commercial interstellar propulsion by 2040. The Foundation expects to accomplish this by raising funds and disbursing grants to researchers with access to multimillion dollar labs.

The Foundation’s key contribution is the evaluation and prioritization of experiments to be conducted with these grants. These experiments(1) are RSQ-blind. That means these are experiments that the RSQ (Relativity, String & Quantum) theories are unable to propose, and therefore blind to.

The Founder & Chairman, Solomon has 4 engineering physics patents pending and completed a 12-year study into the physics & engineering of Gravity Modification, published under the title “An Introduction to Gravity Modification, 2nd Edition”.

Solving gravity modification and doing it in 12-years is a very significant achievement as Michio Kaku’s estimate was ‘several hundred years’ (April 2008 Space Show interview).

Solomon expects to similarly accelerate the technological innovation of interstellar propulsion, through the Xodus One Foundation. It is not about achieving consensus with the theoretical physics community, but about discovering the new physics before others do.



(1) A discussion on RSQ issues is available in Solomon’s paper published in the Journal of Modern Physics, Special Issue on Gravitation, Astrophysics and Cosmology, Vol. 4 #8A, August 2013, New Evidence, Conditions, Instruments & Experiments for Gravitational Theories.