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Newsletter Dec 24 2013

Dear Reader
Wishing you a very Happy Holidays.

As Founder & Chairman I would like to introduce you to the opportunity to be part of the ground breaking future of the Xodus One Foundation (XOF).



March 18 2040, 10:00 am: You, Ben, are the first test pilot given the honor to test the Warp Drive engine, and have just returned from Alpha Centauri[1]. It was amazing. Just a half-hour ago you left Earth and arrived at one of our nearest stars, Alpha Centauri.

As Neil Armstrong would have said, “One small step for man, and one giant leap for mankind.”

This journey takes light, 4-years, and it is estimated that a conventional rocket will take about 10,000 years.

You placed a small satellite into orbit around Alpha Centauri. Proof that you did reach Alpha Centauri. The next test pilot, your colleague, Jon, will retrieve it later that afternoon.

March 18 2040, 3:00 pm: Jon, starts up the Warp Drive, and is gone, dematerialized. A half hour passes by, and no sign. An hour passes by, then another.

March 18 2040, 6:00 pm: By now everyone is anxious. Did Jon make it?

March 18 2040, 6:11 pm: Jon rematerializes. Everyone is relieved. Jon steps out of his spacecraft, waving the small satellite. He found it!

Would you not want your kids to be one of those first test pilots?

The Xodus One Foundation

The purpose of the Xodus One Foundation is to vastly accelerate the development of the new field of propulsion physics to discover and invent new interstellar propulsion technologies in our lifetimes. XOF was founded to raise funds and disburse grants to researchers with access to multimillion dollar labs, to conduct specific experiments which our current RSQ[2] theories are blind to.

How is it possible that there are experiments RSQ theories are blind to?

The discovery in 2007 of the massless equation for gravitational acceleration g=τc2 that is valid for gravity, electromagnetic and mechanical forces, is proof that there is a ‘new’ physics that has not been achieved by any of the RSQ theories to date.

g=τc2 leads to a working definition of gravity modification, the modification of acceleration in local space time without the use of mass. This, therefore, rules out[3] the RSQ theories offering solutions, as these theories require mass.

We can now derive a working definition for interstellar propulsion physics, destination arrival without effecting velocity or acceleration.

When we fundamentally change transportation to the stars, we will also change how we travel to the next block, next city, next country and next planet. The world is waiting for us.


The XOF Board[4] is composed of:

Benjamin Solomon, Founder & Chairman, recently completed the 12-year study in the new field of gravity modification, published under the title “An Introduction to Gravity Modification”[5].




Andrew Beckwith, Director, Theoretical Physics Advisor, is currently advising Chongqing University (China) on their bleeding edge gravity experiment. He has published more than 80 papers and peer reviewed conference & journal papers.




Our Track Record

The famous string theorist, Michio Kaku, in his April 2008 Space Show[6] interview with David Livingston, stated that gravity modification will take several hundred years to become a reality. Solomon, Founder & Chairman, completed this in 12-years, an accelerated discovery process, leading to the discovery of g=τc2 and Non Inertia (Ni) fields.

Therefore, XOF expects to apply this fast track discovery process to the investigation of interstellar propulsion physics.


Higgs boson required $10 billion and 3,000+ physicists.

In comparison XOF expects to raise $15 million by 2016. And at least $700,000 by May 2014 to kick off the first round of experiments. Your donations are very much appreciated. You can call me directly at 303-618-2800.

Please make checks to:

Xodus One Foundation
1624, Market St., #207
Denver, CO 80202

 Why should you donate?

Much of the physics and some of the engineering behind gravity modification has been discovered and published in “An Introduction to Gravity Modification”. There is a proprietary portion that has not. In 2015/2016 a new technology company will be formed to develop and commercialize gravity modifying semiconductor chips.

Only XOF donors will be given the first right to refuse [7] investing in this new company. No longer a requirement as of 03/30/2014

Pease donate generously. The world is waiting for us.

Benjamin T Solomon
Founder & Chairman
Xodus One Foundation[8]
1624 Market Street, #207
Denver, CO 80202
Tel: 303-376-6123

 [1] Image of Alpha Centauri courtesy of CalTech
 [2] RSQ theories = Relativity, String & Quantum theories.
 [3] There are further issues with RSQ theories, and these have been published in the Journal of Modern Physics titled, "New Evidence, Conditions, Instruments & Experiments for Gravitational Theories".
 [4] Please note that all the XOF Board Members have different approaches to solving gravity modification and interstellar propulsion. This diversity of opinions is a necessary and healthy requirement to ensure an accelerated discovery & development process. Given the variety of approaches, XOF is primarily focused on non-RSQ approaches, because RSQ approaches are well funded by the National Science Foundation, Kavli, Perimeter and other national institutions.
 [7] SEC regulations require limits relating to high net worth individuals and corporations. Therefore, borrowing terms from the mortgage industry, selection of eligible XOF donors may be influenced by $, $day, caps, floors, and other yet to be determined requirements.
 [8] 501(c) IRS filing submitted in November 2013. Non-profit status was approved in the state of Colorado.


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