Xodus One is a Colorado Company

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Name Xodus One, Inc.
Tax Status For Profit
State of Incorporation Colorado
Address 1624 Market St., #209,  Denver, CO 80202, USA
Tel 303-376-6123
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Objective To commercialize interstellar space. (1) To complete the Research & Development of interstellar space technologies, (2) When completed, (a) Sell engines, space crafts & space related technologies & (b) Provide space exploration & colonization services.
Company Status Fund raining & setting up Research & Development facilities
Associated Companies Propulsion Physics, Inc. is a subsidiary company whose purpose is to commercialize gravity modification technologies.
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Chairman Benjamin T Solomon
Bio Solved the physics of gravity modification and some of the engineering. Has published numerous peer reviewed papers & is the author of the 12-year study titled An Introduction to Gravity Modification.