San Francisco

I was in San Francisco on business and took the opportunity to visit some of the sites. Fisherman’s Wharf (below) has changed significantly since I was there some decades ago. Near the sign, there used to be a wooden pier where customers could enjoy their take out food and stroll along the pier. Now no longer.


In this second photo below, you can see what appears to be a post-Panamax container ships (that are too large to pass through the Panama Canal) passing under the Golden Gate bridge, with San Francisco in the bottom left of the photo. I estimated that this ship’s speed was less than 1 knot per hour. This is to be expected as these ships require 4 hours of braking to come to a stand still.


Below is a photo of the cable car employees turning the cable car around at the end of the line (close to Fisherman’s Wharf). This is note worthy as it shows how forward thinking city council officials and technologist/engineers were more than a hundred years ago.

I visited Embarcadero at the end of Market St., to explore the Ferry Building of the Port of San Francisco. The first picture below shows the upstairs interior. The occupants are investment banking firms and the like, and off limits to the public. Imagine how time changes everything, as a smelly old ferry building becomes posh modern prime real estate.

This next picture is the downstairs of this Ferry Building, open to the public, and it occupants are mostly food retailers and restaurants.

Hope you enjoyed San Francisco through my eyes.